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Peruvian Maze by Mary B

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Daylilly by Mary B
+ Photo Classes

Class 1 Annuals, biennials and perennials grown in Minnesota as annuals.
Class 2 Perennials that are hardy in Minnesota.
Class 3 Roses
Class 4 Bulbous flowers
Class 5 Container grown plants
Class 6a Trees, shrubs, and woody vines
Class 6b Trees, shrubs and woody vines with flowers
Class 7 Vegetables, fruits, herbs
Class 8 Men’s and Women’s Garden Club of Minneapolis activities
Class 9 Scenes of MGWCM Gardens
Class 10 Groups of cultivated plants in flower beds or pools.
Class 11 Wildflowers
Class 12 Natural Landscapes
Class 13 Artistic expression

Class 1 – Annuals and perennials grown as annuals in Minnesota

Left to right starting from top. 1st place – Hibiscus in Peru by Mary B. Second place – Hibiscus ‘fiesta’ by Susan P, Echeveria Perle von Numberg by Mary M. Third place – Calibrachoa Hula Wonder by Mary M, Planted from the bird feeder-Sunflowers by Kathy L, Begonia by Llyod W.

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