Our club members participate in many activities, and serve on many committees, and are always eager to welcome new people. Please contact us for more information on any activity or committee.

Annual Award Banquet
Plans and executes the annual Award Banquet in December. Main function is to receive silent auction donations the day of the party and display them on table. Arrange for enough volunteers to do cashiering at the end of the evening.

Arbor Day
Plans and executes the annual Arbor Day Project for a spring planting. No meetings, emails for planning. 2-4 hours for planting as a group.

Awards and Trophies
Coordinates presentation of the yearly awards acknowledging outstanding efforts by the club members or the community.
2022 Award Banquet Photos

Flower, Food and Foto Show
Plans and directs flower, garden and photo show that provides an opportunity for club members and the general public to: 1) receive recognition for gardening and photographic achievements and 2) gain garden show experience in the presentation of exhibits. One meeting in February. Flower show is third weekend in August.

The Garden Spray
Publishes the monthly newsletter of the MWGCM, The Garden Spray. If you enjoy writing, you could be a ‘roving reporter’ looking for interesting articles.

Hospitality Committee
Coordinates tasks related to the monthly dinner meetings from autumn through spring. Do set up and take down for monthly meetings

Membership Committee
Meets twice a year to plan membership recruitment/retention and to assist the Membership Secretary. Projects throughout the year include membership renewal, printing member nametags, welcoming new members and guests at meetings and events. Doing a new member write up for the Spray and preparing the annual membership Directory.

Lyndale Park Garden/Mixed Border Garden Committee
Designs, plants, and maintains the perennial border at Lyndale Park Gardens in cooperation with the Minneapolis Park Board from late spring into fall. This is an excellent committee to work on if you want to learn about plants. Time is spent a few hours every or every other week on Tuesday and Saturday mornings weeding and/or planting.

Lyndale Park/Native and Shade Garden Committee
This committee works in the Native and Shade Gardens on Wednesday mornings during the gardening season. These gardens are adjacent to each other and located across the street from the Rose Garden at Lyndale Park. Plants are paid for by the Minneapolis Park Board, under whose auspices the committee works.

Marketing and Publicity Committee
Promotes and markets the Club to gain public awareness of club activities and to recruit members and retain current members. Prepares recruitment material and works with club committees in developing promotional material related to their committee functions. Meets every other month but less in the summer.

Plant Sale Committee
Our plant sale is a one day sale in early May. The committee meets once or twice to plan the sale, and then many volunteers are needed before, during and after the sale. Before the sale members help select, plant, transport, price, and arrange plants. During the sale they help customers, take payments, and then after the sale, they clean-up. It’s always good to have new ideas from new members.

Photography Committee
Arranges for pictures to be taken at all Club meetings and activities that will depict these events accurately. Also judges the photo entries for the FFF (flower, food and photo) show.

Program Committee
Plans and executes the programs for the monthly dinner meetings. One or two meetings a year.

Scholarship Committee
Provides scholarships to college level students enrolled in a horticulture program at a Minnesota educational institution. Committee meets once or twice in the fall. Otherwise communicates with each other via email.

Sunshine Committee
Acknowledges club members who are hospitalized or ill, or families of members who have passed away.

Tour Committee
Plans and executes the summer garden tours (club and public). Club garden tours are usually held in July and August, with exceptions for the years public tours are held (usually the even numbered years). With this group you will have an opportunity to see lots of other gardens as you help decide which can be on tour.

Website Committee
Maintains current and creates new website content. The Webmaster chairs the committee and members choose to work on what interests them. We meet monthly online to check in, brainstorm, and critique site content.

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