MWGCM to provide Deane Fund Grants

The MWGCM Board of Directors has put in place a plan to make maximum use of the Deane Fund. Three years ago the Club received a bequest of just over $65,000 from the estate of Betty Deane, the widow of Burton Deane, a long-term member of our club. The monies will be used to fund projects that will advance the missions of MWGCM.

A Deane Project Review Committee has been created to advise the Board of Directors each year on project proposals submitted that year. The committee will solicit projects, ensure applicants have provided the required information, and review and evaluate completed project applications. The Committee’s evaluations will be forwarded to the Board of Directors who will select the project(s) to be funded in the following year.

    Six General Principles will guide the development of the grant program:

  1. The money should be devoted to a wide range of horticultural projects which reflect and support the missions of MWGCM.
  2. A maximum annual amount of $6,000 a year may be granted from the Fund.  Up to $3,000/ per year may be awarded to non-MWGCM applicants.
  3. Money should be requested for innovative projects, not ongoing Club activities. Projects or activities already funded through the general budget are not eligible for support unless the applicant(s) presents something new or innovative.
  4. Projects are funded for one calendar year
  5. Applicants must submit a detailed budget.  Expenditures not itemized in the budget may or may not be reimbursable.
  6. Grant recipients must share their experience and things learned from it by writing a summary of the experience for The Garden Spray. 

    Project Leaders may begin submitting applications July 1, but they must be submitted no later than October 15, 2020. The recipient(s) of Deane grants will be announced in the January Garden Spray or be otherwise notified by January 2nd. 

    The three members of the 2018 Deane Project Review Committee are Laurie Levin, Mary Barsness and committee chair Alan Gallaher. This summary is based on the proposal approved by the Board at their May meeting. Click here to see the Grant Process for the Deane Fund document they passed.

    If you’re interested in proposing a project, please fill out the Deane Fund Application Form. For a summary of the review process click here.  Start thinking soon about possible projects that would interest you.