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Cultivars: a plant bred through selective breeding (cloning or hybridization) to enhance certain characteristics, for example color. 

Ephemeral: a plant that grows, flowers and goes dormant in a part of a season. In our garden that season is spring.

Nativar: a variety selected from a native species and cultivated for a specific quality, or cross pollinated by a different plant, often a non-native.  

Native Plant: found naturally in an area prior to European settlement of this country. (usually considered to be 1850). It has developed in a particular eco-system in which it has adapted to the soil, water, and climate therefore requiring less care and fewer resources.

Perennial: a plant that lives more than 2-3 years, returning each spring. We plant only perennials in our garden. 

Pollen: a soft, powdery male fertilizing agent, usually yellow

Pollination: the transfer of pollen to another flower or plant to allow fertilization

Rain Garden: a depressed area designed to temporarily hold and soak in rainwater run- off, optimally planted with native plants. 

Straight Species: a native plant not cloned or hybridized.


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