Welcome to the MWGCM 2020 Main Plant Sale!

Our club’s annual May plant sale usually held at St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis has been canceled, however Gary Geister has already received some plants from suppliers; additionally, he was not able to cancel orders with other suppliers.  This leaves us with a supply of plants we can offer our membership to order via email, phone or USPS mail, followed by curbside pick-up. 
Since all prices will be deeply reduced, we will not be offering a club member discount with this alternative sale. 

On this page you will find all the information you need to order NON-NATIVE plants

As the plants sell out we will try our best to cross them off the order form, and remove the photo below.

If you are looking for our 2020 NATIVE Plant sale, click here!

  • High-quality new and unusual annuals and perennial plants that are not typically found at local nurseries
  • 22 Varieties of hosta
  • Great variety of succulents- both annual and perennial
  • 7 varieties of tomatoes
  • 13 varieties of herbs —Herbs are the Vegetable of the Year for our August FFF Show at the Arboretum
  • Bedding plants in 4-packs, including disease-resistant impatiens,
  • Dahlias and canna lilies
  • Many many plants for your containers (great fillers, spillers and thrillers)
  • Hanging Baskets for sun and shade
  • Competitive prices! 

Gary’s Greenhouse April 19, 2020

Pass the word! To ensure we can fully disperse our plant sale inventories, please share this MWGCM Alternative Plant Sale – Main Plant Sale information and order forms with your family, friends and coworkers! 

Important Dates: 
Orders must be submitted by May 1st
Orders will be picked up from Gary Geister’s home May 16 – 22nd

Remaining Plants Main Plant Sale PDF order form

Below are the steps you will need to follow to order your plants: 

Step 1:  Place your order by May 1st  (Choose only ONE of the three options)

  1. Print out this PDF document.  Fill it out manually and send it via USPS to Mary Maynard, 4375 Dart Avenue, St. Louis Park, MN  55424  OR
  2. Create an email to Mary and list the desired plants within the email.  Email Mary at maynard4375@yahoo.com  OR
  3. Call Mary at 952-926-7506 and give her your order. 
    If she happens to NOT answer the phone, do NOT leave your order on her voicemail. Leave your name AND a callback number, and she will return your call to obtain your order.

Step 2:  Mary will calculate the cost of your order and send you an email with your total cost. 

  • The total cost will be based on availability! 
  • Orders will be handled in a first-come, first-served basis when it comes to availability.

Step 3Submit payment for your order:  two options

  1. To pay by credit card, click the following link to go directly to the NEW MWGCM’s on-line Square payment site https://checkout.square.site/pay/39d52b2f7dcd413ebb081d7be9ea5c8e
    You will be required to enter your email address, full name, credit card #, month/year of expiration, CVV (security) # and your billing zip code  OR
  2. Plan to bring a check (payable to MWGCM) when you pick up your plants.

Step 4:  Pick up your order

  • Orders will be picked up at Gary Geister’s house, 3615 Wescott Hills Drive, Eagan MN  55123 Google Maps link
  • Pickup days will be between May 16 and May 22nd
  • Pickup days/times will be scheduled to minimize the number of people at Gary’s at the same time

To ensure we have a successful alternative plant sale, please let me know if you have any questions.  I’m here to help! 
Mary Maynard
Phone: 1-952-926-7506

Gary and Mary’s key to Thriller, Spiller and Filler Plants

Check out some of the plants that Gary has growing

Some of these are photos taken on April 19th of the actual plants you will be buying. These plants will continue to grow and have more blooms by the time you pick them up.

Plants on the Main order form


Foliage Plants